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T E A C H • Y O U R • S O N

T E A C H • Y O U R • S O N

by Clement Afreh

Do you know that the kind of man your son will become when he is older, is a reflection of the kind of upbringing, training and teachings he receives in his formative age?

It may be through formal or informal education. He will learn by observation and from what perceives with all his senses, picking up traits, habits, character and virtues from what he is exposed to at home, at school, the society and the world he has access to via the internet and the media, thereby building fixed mindsets that will make up his unique way of life.

Without intentionally instilling good virtues in your son, he may grow up to become a monster you cannot recognize.

Today I am challenging you to start teaching your son to become the kind of man you wish for him to be.


  • Teach your son to serve God with all his heart, mind, soul and body. GOD FIRST
  • Teach him to heed to sound godly counsel and put into practice good principles of life.
  • Teach him to study to show himself approved.
  • Teach him that it is ok to learn a skill. Entrepreneurs rule the world.
  • Teach him that hard work pays.
  • Teach your son that it is more honorable to fail, than to cheat.

    Teach him how to treat his sister and every woman with respect.

    Teach him that he has no right to touch a woman without her consent.

    Teach him that only cowards hit their wives.



  • Teach him how to be a good husband and a father by being one or showing him one (Marry one – if you are a woman. You owe your son that much)
  • Teach him that doing chores at home is not a female’s job. He can also do the dishes and help out in the kitchen.
  • Teach him that he should love his wife the way Jesus loved the church.
  • Teach him to shun laziness and easy/fast and evil ways of gaining wealth and fame.
  • Teach him how to serve faithfully in humility, with honesty.
  • Teach him good morals and manners.
  • Teach him how to say sorry when wrong and how to say please when asking for favors.
  • Teach him how to talk, walk and how to be courteous. Greeting your elders with respect is a character that attracts favor and admiration.
  • Teach him how to eat with/like nobles, because he is destined to be great.



Teach your son not to use libido levels as a measure for being a man



Your son will be grateful to you all the days of his life and he will make you proud all the days of your life.


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By Clement Afreh

You musical presentation can be so enjoyable, but then again, it can also be so unbearable. There are many things that can cause this very big contrasts. Picking the “wrong key” is one very devastating one.

Today I want to share some tips on how to manage such situations and come out not being scarred for life.

Lets look at 6 invaluable saving tips.

  1. When the band gives you a key you said they should play for you, please try and sing it. Don’t go off and do your own thing. That is why it is important and profitable to do personal rehearsal to know your tessitura and what keys you can do any given song in, comfortably.
    If you were called to sing impromptu, then give the band your most comfortable key.
    But whenever it is possible, arrange with the pianist, if not the whole band, and agree and rehearse on keys and key changes, if any.
  2. If the singer sang a different key from what you played as intro, please calm down and look for the new key. If you have perfect pitch, praise God, just go to the key. If you don’t, please don’t play “sisisi, si nana ko” so loud on the keyboard. Turn it all the way down so only you can hear and when you get it, then you come up. Nothing embarrassing about that.
    But If you ky33, y3 b3 twa fasting ama wo hahaha😂

  3. If the band is trying to find your key, please don’t jump to new keys, be confident and sing what you were singing so they can find you. If you keep moving, you will cause a lot of damage.
    Band guys don’t like that. they will just choose their favorite key and stay there. 😕
    Also if you realize the struggle, just signal the band to break for 2 bars to get their composure and join the flow.

  4. If you are BVing for someone please don’t choose your own key when it is your time to sing.
    Do not sabotage the lead singer. Do your best and pick the key of the leader.
    If the band is trying to find the leader, BVs don’t jumping in to cause confusion, make sure you all have the same key and then you can plan and agree on when to jump in and how to jump in to save the day.

    These are the two ways to accomplish this;
    a. Jump in at the verse with all parts singing the main melody
    b. Jump in at the chorus in beautiful 3 part harmony.

  5.  Sometimes during a live recording, the band is in the original key but the leader went off in another key. BVs listen to the key the entire band is playing in. That is the key to do your backgrounds in. The leader will be able to join you in that key soon enough. But if you follow the leader, it means y’all setting up yourselves to redo everything at the studio. Overdubs b3 su.
  6. In the event when the leader goes off the pre-agreed key during a live presentation, please “be in the spirit” and maintain your composure. Don’t get angry or laugh out loud. It will show to the audience that something went wrong. Though 80% of the time they already know.
    Keep a warm smile or close your eyes lift up your right hand and just worship.
    After the event you can tease each other and laugh as a family. But on set, maintain your composure. Else it will cone in the video.

I hope these few tips help y’all in your presentations.

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1 of 12. You have got the resources you need so you think you are ok, so you walk away from the source.
Hmm This Generation

2 of 12. God answered your prayers and now you have “ba so”, and become prayerless.
You think you are ok now Abi?
Smh This Generation

3 of 12. Your “gettings” have got your full attention and time and you forget the Giver.
Na Wa o This Generation

4 of 12. You have a power gift and the strength of the youthful, so you ignore, go over, dishonor and disrespect the oil on your Father’s head.
Tsk tsk tsk This Generation

5 of 12. Now your excuse is your resource now being your reason for walking away, disconnecting yourself from the source.
Woooow This Generation

6 of 12. The resources may sustain you a while, but will surely get spent. And then what?
A life driven by resources has a short time to be relevant.
A life driven by the source is always replenished, and keeps making relevant impact.

7 of 12. You see someone else doing so great, it as though he is running in a self-propelled mode. But have no doubt about this, he always has a direct connection to his source. That is why he is prospering in what he does.

8 of 12. Who is your source?
Are you sure of the answer you just gave yourself?

9 of 12. Have you ever wondered why you keep running back to your source when the going gets tough and you have tried all other kinds of refueling options and it failed?

It is because, it is only your source, your origin, that knows you and has the exact blueprint of your makeup.

But all the while you were just jumping from one black market to the other. Trying wrong options that only destroy your engine.

Hmmmm This Generation!! what a SHAME!

10 of 12. Walking away from your source is tragic, in that though the resources may take you a while and a distance, it always backfires.

Shebi you thought you are self sufficient.
Now you are in a mess like the prodigal son.
You left cos you have it all and know it all.
Now you see your life?

11 of 12. Being without a source makes your vulnerable and puts a count down timer on your life and the ability to fulfill your source given purpose and destiny.
This Generation hmm please it’s time to wake up. WAKE UP!!!

12 of 12. Do you know your source? I mean THE SOURCE
Return to Him Right Now.
Don’t wait another minute longer.
And #StayConnected

And if you don’t know which source is the right one. Let me make a suggestion to you this morning.

👉 #TryJesus and you will not have any regrets. 😊
Have a good morning.

This Generation MUST TRY JESUS

Signed Sealed Delivered: Holy Spirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh



John 3:16
For God so LOVED …….
….. that HE GAVE HIS ONLY …….

When God searched eternity for the most precious treasure, the one thing He never wanted to loose, His all in All, to give.

He found out that it was HIMSELF.

Giving is based on your faith and God acts based on your level of faith shown by WORTH of what you gave.

Not what other think about it. 🙄

God will always ask you for your Isaac
God likes nothing but the best. ☺

Sacrifices, He wanted, the fresh, plump, fresh, unmaimed, juicy, fattened of them all. Na ɔpɛ sradenam paa (He loved fatty juicy meat)

Sacrifice, is expensive
It’s  costly
It’s painful
Naturally you’d prefer you didn’t have to give that ONE. But it’s for God, SO YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.

Sacrifice is just giving the LIFE (life is in the blood)
We work aaaaaaa then we get money. That is life spent , exchanged for cash

That is why it pains you to jus give it out.


How many of us have built the habit of giving the best sacrifice like Abel, and not some/part of the bunch/bundle like Cain?

God gave His best and He wants to see if you love Him by giving your best.

“Ma me ndi yɛn lane mu” as musicians and singers.

We sing songs…
But the words mean nothing to us.

Most of the time, we are the ones singing the songs as the fundraising or pledges are on going. A nice way to escape participating in the seed sowing/fundraiser.

I give myself away
With holding nothing
I wanna give my best to you
Lord I offer my life to you, everything I can do, as a pleasing sacrifice
We bring the sacrifice of praise
I depend on you …. I have no power of my own
Take everything, Take everything, all I really want is you

Really, should He take Eeeeeeeverything ???
Do you seriously want “just Him”?

Now all I said above is not based on church doctrine.
Its just John 3:16

If you love me, I will see it in your giving. Especially the sacrificial kind of giving.

People get heart breaks in relationship when they sacrifice a lot and in the end it was just one sided.

Love doesn’t expect
Who told u???
Ask LOVE (GOD) and see.
God gave and expects you to reciprocate His love.

Another thing.

Why worry or feel frustrated when you dont have the figure called for a level of blessing?

Is your blessing hinged entirely on one event, scenario or man of God?

This is what I do.
When there is a call for some to sow their – for example – a car, I know don’t have a car. So between me and my God, the worth of a car to that rich man who has, will be the worth of my last 20ghc in my wallet, or the 1000Ghc in my investment, or the flat screen I bought for my living room.

I can also covert the billionaires blessing pronounced on that rich man, with my small seed. And I will get the same blessing.

Charlie, just tap into that blessing in faith.

As long as ECG power can be tapped using extension boards from the socket of a neighbour into your home, I can also tap any blessing I desire with my faith seeds as extension boards.

The centurion said “Lord you don’t need to come to my house……. just say the word”.

Words are powerful and once released into the atmosphere, anyone or any being can tap into it and use it. It is just like with cloud or WiFi, you have your own key. Even demons capture and use the words released.

We all go to the internet cafe we pay different amounts and we all get different logins to access to the internet based on our purchasing power (our faith)

I use 30 minutes to get all my research done, you use 1 hour or more  to get the same research done.

So when you hear a word, sow into it. Claim it for yourself by not just shouting “I receive it” act on it in faith. Sign a personal pact with God on that word. The whole church doesn’t need to see you. We too we like show offs. “Me too I will come in the pictures some that I went forward”.🙄
The pastor doesn’t need to lay hands on you. we like that paaaa 😕

God is not father Christmas or a fairy god mother. He is not an ATM machine. He loves fellowship and He wants you to date The Holy Spirit and roll with His son Jesus.

That love will make you take every opportunity to sacrifice your “isaac” without being depressed cos u couldn’t do like the other rich brother.

The amounts will always be mentioned but with your small “widows mite” (which is also someone’s prayer topic) you can tap/access the blessing pronounced on that rich fellow.

Come on people
Let’s grow up and not remain baby Christians

The world has entered the church and will always try to tear it up from within using
Doctrinal differences
Social media
Public figures we respect
Celebrities (including those who disrespect themselves)

Be like the Berean church and know God for yourself. Search the scriptures, pray and ask God for insight. So that when you sing the songs its not just from the mouth, but from an experience.

Hmmmm my brothers and sisters. He wants it all o. He wants you to depend on Him ONLY

Song: “He Wants It All” by Forever Jones

There’s a voice that cries out in the silence
Searching for a heart that will love Him
Longing for a child that will give Him their all
Give it all, He wants it all
And there’s a God that walks over the earth
He’s searching for a heart that is desperate
And longing for a child
That will give Him their all
Give it all, He wants it all

And He says love me, love me with your whole heart
He wants it all today
Serve me, serve me with your life now
He wants it all today
Bow down, let go of your idols
He wants it all today [x3]
He wants it all

And there’s a God that walks over the earth
He’s searching for a heart that is desperate
Longing for a child that will give Him their all
Give it all, He wants it all

And he says love me, love me with your whole heart
He wants it all today
Serve me, serve me with your life now
He wants it all today
Bow down, let go of your idols
He wants it all today [x3]
He wants it all

All of you, more of you
He wants it all today, oh oh oh oh
All of you, more of you
He wants it all today, oh oh oh oh
All of you, more of you
He wants it all today, today, today
He wants it all today [x2]
So give it all

There’s a voice that cries out in the silence
Searching for a heart that will love him
Longing for a child that will give him their all
Give it all
He wants it all

In the end it should be your love  for God that should/will motivate you to give.

LOVE should be your ONLY Motivation.

Signed Sealed Delivered: The Holy Spirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh



Let’s not use the talents deposited in us for ministry as a means of luring people into immoral acts such us ILLICIT SEX….

Mr gospel musician, Mr Music Director, snr instrumentalist and brother vocal beast. God has called you into ministry to help populate His kingdom and not to depopulate it.

You keep asking those ladies to come for music lessons in your closet and you turn their bodies into guitar strings, drum pedals, piano keys, microphone and so on.


Do not plan to take romance or sex as payment for the lessons. You can relocate your music school to a more public place. If you can’t control your libido, hand her over to a professional teacher in a music school.

And you young lady!
You go to his house half-naked for music lessons. Is that your payment plan? What were you thinking? What was your plan? and what did you expect as the outcome? You can only see but not touch?

Very soon you will so start learning “Touch me with your hands, I don’t wanna go the same way I came”

The devil is so smart and will not let you get away with this that easily.

There are always regrets after you fall. It doesn’t matter


Let me sound this warning.

As ambassadors for Christ in this world, you are the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world. If you loose your taste and your light, what will happen to all those who looked to you.

If you fall, imagine the magnitude of the irreparable damage you would cause to the many young ones who looked up to and took you as their mentor.

Imagine the shame you will put your head pastor through, and all those who were proud of you and your service to the body of Christ.

Imagine the pain and grief your parents will nurture in their hearts. And they may be removed from leadership positions if they were in any (depending on what church and what is enshrined in their constitution)

You name and that of the church you attend will trend for the wrong reasons. And everyone who is part of that church will get some of the ridicule. All the choristers will be suspects and under immediate investigation and surveillance.

1 Corinthians 10:12 KJV
Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

The devil will always find ways to get you to mess up, so be smart and not “super man” or “wonder woman”. Use your common sense as well. Don’t put yourself in any tricky situation.

Learning music – singing, or playing an instrument- is such a beautiful thing, especially when you use what you learn to bless lives in church or at a gathering. Do not let it become one of the things you will list under your “list of life regrets” or “regrettable choices”.

There is a parable about the talents in the Bible.

One servant was given 5, the other 2 and the other 1 talent. Each according to their abilities. And when it was time to give account, each one got their due reward or recompense.

What are you doing with the talents and giftings God has given you? Don’t disappoint God o.

God bless you.

Signed Sealed and Delivered: #HolySpirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh

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#Tag A music director or vocalist or a musician/bai boys/instrumentalists

When a song being ministered is going wrong….

  1. Don’t let the audience know that the song is not going well.
    It shows when your facial expressions change.
    Also  shows when you start exchanging fishy looks at each other.
    It also shows when your smile disappears and your loud cheers “Yeeeeeeeaaahh” stop coming.
    It also shows when you don’t come in as a choir at the right time you are to come in.
  2. BVs come in at the right time with all your energy when you are supposed to.
    The audience wont realize the mistake and consider it our own style.
  3. Keep the smiles, or the “in the spirit” look throughout the ministration.
  4. Keep the encouraging “Yeaaaaaaaahsss” coming and keep cheering up the leader.
  5. Pray with the song leader to quickly recover.
  6. Band be spontaneous and cover up the spaces.
  7. Conductor be alert and quick to decide the next line of action and communicate to the entire team.
  8. If you realized you have forgotten your lines as a leader, Improvise and do it with confidence.

Charlie Hyiiiii with vim . Band and BVs cover up.

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Hi all 👋🏿☺

Enjoy this write up on my experience with wedding planning.

Someone asked me about this and I began writing and writing and writing. And when I was done, I was like, wow, this can help many planning their weddings. So I decided to blog it, just for you.

Your wedding day doesn’t need to be expensive to be classic and memorable.

With just a lil creativity and precise planning, you can spice up your big day.


The wedding day is just one day in your long life. After that day, you still have many years of marriage ahead of you. Don’t squander all your savings on just that day or week or month, depending on how long your honey moon is. Don’t spend all that money to make a name or make a statement or as a competition.


Anyways that is not what I wrote about. I wrote an outline of things that can serve as a guide or a checklist for the D-Day. And its in no particular order with respect to priority as to what to get first or last.

I made it as comprehensive as possible to give the power of choice to the couple.

For example: If you want a simple wedding, you can answer “NO” to checklist items like, “Will you have a reception or cocktail?” That way you eliminate all that part of the checklist.

Another example. “How many grooms men?” or “How many brides maids?”  You can say 0. or just 1, that is, the best man and the maid of honor.

So you are in no way obliged to do every thing on this checklist.

Some couples prefer it simple and less expensive. Your wedding day doesn’t need to be expensive to be classic and memorable. With just a lil creativity and precise planning, you can spice up your big day.

So feel free to say a big “NO” to some of the items on the checklist. In the end you have a summary of the choices you are going for.

Are you ready? Yes? Ok then, take your pen and notepad and float into your world of imagination. Today is your wedding day. procession song playing on the organ…



  1. Where will the groom and his guys spend the night before?
    A guests house or someones home?
    Hope there was some midnight prayers and declarations.
  2. Who is the best man?
  3. How many grooms men?
  4. Is the groom’s outfit ready?
  5. Are their outfits ready?
    Are they getting their outfits or are you?
  6. Are the rings in the inner suit pocket of the best man? (Should be done the night before)
  7.  Will there be photoshoot or videoshoot of the dressing up/make up?
  8. Who will do the photography/videography?
    Has the photographer been booked?
  9.  How many cars will they use to move from dress up point to the venue for the wedding?
    Are you renting the cars or from friends?
    If rent, have they been booked?
    If from friends, have they been contacted and have they released their cars?
    Who are the drivers?
  10. What time will they set off from the dress up point
  11. What time should the groom and groomsmen be seated at the wedding venue?



  1. Where will the bride and her bridal team spend the night before?
    A guests house or someones home ?
    Hope the bridesmaids spent time in prayer with the bride (and may be the mother’s-in-law).
  2. Who is the maid of honor?
  3. How many bridesmaids?
    Will there be a page boy and a little bride? If “yes’ have their guardians been contacted?
  4. Are the bride’s outfit and accessories ready?
  5. Are their outfits ready?
    Are they getting their outfits or are you?
  6. Who is doing the make up for the ladies?
    Has the Make Up artist (MUA) been contacted?
    Will the MUA coming early in the morning or the night before?
  7.  Will there be photoshoot or videoshoot of the dressing up/make up?
  8. Who will do the photography/videography?
    Has the photographer been booked?
  9.  How many cars will they use to move from dress up point to the venue for the wedding?
    Are you renting the cars or from friends?
    If rent, have they been booked?
    If from friends, have they been contacted and have they released their cars?
    Who are the drivers?
  10. What time will they set off from the dress up point
  11. What time should the bridal team reach the wedding venue?

Guests admire a bride who is on time.So please dear bride, try to be at your wedding in good time.

If there is a room in the church or venue you can relax and wait till you are called up, exploit that.



People you will need on the day. Your loyal friends. Gents n ladies you trust who can do the work and look out for your best interests. Not just cos you like them.

#TeamMRandMRSasomesi should comprise (but not restricted to)

a. MC(s) (to preside over affairs)
b. Technical head (To make sure your venue has light, and all the PA and instruments are set)
c. Music head (In charge of songs and minstrels and the band)
d. Gift table head (in charge of receiving gifts and presents and the guest book)
e. Transport head (In charge of the vehicles moving the couple and their teams, and conveying the food and in most cases, the family to and fro)
f. Refreshment head (also in Charge of getting the cake ready and decor ready)
g. Protocol and ushering head (In charge of keeping order and the sitting arrangement at the venue)
h. Someone in charge of your wardrobe (In the event of a costume emergency, you need some spare clothing that still fits the occasion. (Not a second wedding gown) You may not need this. But worth noting.

i. Your make up artiste could be there also – on stand by (in case of any make over emergencies) If you need her the whole day, you book her the whole day. If she is your friend, well praise the Lord. Free make overs. 😜

j. One in charge of safe keeping your rings (the best man will do)

k. RSVPs (In charge of giving directions to the event venues and handle your mobile phones. Cos there will be times you can’t answer your calls.) To make their work much easier, add google map locations and draw the directional map on the invites (soft and hard copy forms)

l. Someone in charge of checking the checklist hehehehe 😜

Gift table people can serve dual roles and double up as RSVP your invitations.
The Bestman and maid of honor can handle your personal phones during the occasion. Your siblings or other close friends Or anyone you trust to give you and your callers updates yet will not disrupt the event, could also serve this purpose.

Now let’s go into details of the ceremony.



  1. Where will your wedding be held?
    A church or a garden or a hall?
  2. Will you do any decor?
    Who will do the decor?
    When will they start and finish?
    What is your choice of decor (style, color, props etc)
  3. Is your programme lineup drawn?
  4. Who are the invited ministers?
  5. Who is officiating the marriage?
  6. Who is giving the sermon?
  7. Who is the MC?
  8. Who is walking the bride down the aisle and giving her away?
  9. Who is in charge of music?
    Do you have any special songs requests?
    Do you have any special song ministers you wish to minister in songs on the day.
    Communicate these early to the one in charge of the music.
    Have the songs to be played through the PA been tested on the PA to see if they play fine?
    Do you have a back up of the songs on a drive just in case the first option gets corrupted?
  10. Who signs your marriage certificate? Groom and brides sides
    Have they been contacted?
  11. Will you cut your cake at the wedding or reception?
    If it will be at the wedding, when will it arrive?
  12.  Who directs the photography taking? It could be the MC for the wedding or the MC for the reception or anyone at all. Just make sure he or she is aware.
  13. Is your photography lineup drawn?





Some couples take exclusives after the wedding ceremony. It may be at the same venue or a different, more private location away from the guests. It may be in the same or different outfits. It’s all about choices.

The MUA is needed to do some touch ups, so they look good for the reception.



  1. Will you have a reception, or cocktail?
    Will you rather distribute hampers containing small chops after the ceremony?
  2. If reception, where will you have it?
    A house
    A hall
    A hotel
    A garden
    The wedding venue
  3. Who will do the setup and decor?
    When will they start and finish?
    How many people are you planning for? That will determine the number of chairs and tables
  4. Who are your ushers for reception?
  5. Will you have a high table?
    Who are the dignitaries?
    Who is the chair?
  6. Is it a buffet or a packed meal?
  7. Will there be live music (band and singers) or just PA with a sound guy
  8. Is your reception program me drawn?
  9. Who is the reception MC get someone who is not boring?
  10. Do you have any special display for the reception?
    Dance choreography by the couple and/or bridal team
    Will there be a guest song minister or choir to minister in songs?
  11. How long should this session last?
  12. Who helps the couple cut the cake?
  13. Who and who pop the champagnes? Inform them NOW!
  14. Who proposes the Toast?
  15. What song for couples dance?
  16. Who gives the vote of thanks?
    It could be the couple
    Someone else
  17. Who says the opening and who does the closing prayer

If I left out any thing out, pardon me. You can type it in the comment section and I’d update the checklist.



  1. Where will it be at?
    A rented hall
    A house
    A hotel
    The wedding venue?
  2. Has it been booked?
  3. Whats the nature of the cocktail?
    Small chops
    Popping champagne
  4. Draw a workable yet interesting programme line up and get a good MC.
  5. Who will pop the champagne? Inform them.
  6. When (time) will the event end?
  7. Who does the opening prayer, closing prayer, vote of thanks? Inform them.



  1. Get someone in charge of monies for the entire event.
  2. Assign a vehicle for the gifts, presents and monies. Let a trustworthy friend or sibling accompany the merchandise 😅.
    We have heard of couple whose monies and gifts never got to its intended destination.
    Not a good way to start the honey moon.



  1. Get a guest book for the wedding and reception guests to fill.
  2. Couple is going to call every last one of the guests to show appreciation for attending and for the gifts and any other Favors they may have given.



  1. Will there be a honey moon?
    Though it is not a must, I will encourage newly weds to answer YES to this question. Let me answer for you, Please YES. By all means, have some sorta moon; honey moon, sugar moon, orange moon, chocolate moon etc just have a moon. My people, you berra consummate that marriage and give me some nieces and nephews.
  2. Will you have it in your new home or a guest house, resort center or abrokyire (Dubai 😂😅 I beg oo, cut your coat according to your size and pocket)
  3. Is it booked already?
  4. Have you prepared enough for it?
    Read books, and psyche yourselves for the “Alone time”. What else did you think the moon is so hyped for?
  5. Don’t come back poor ooo. 😂😂😅 Watch your expenses. Don’t buy the entire mall.
    The wedding day is just a day. You still have your entire married lives ahead of you. Don’t squander all your savings on just that day or week or month, depending on how long your honey moon is.
    Don’t spend all that money to make a name or make a statement or as a competition.



  1. Where will the couple live?
  2. Is it conducive for living?



  1. Wedding site.
    You can make a Free one on WordPress or get someone to do it.
    Please it is not a must. Just a suggestion
  2. Pre-photoshoot (now its trending) and photography people normally throw that in as an incentive. You can upload those pics on your wedding site.
    Nice quality pics and videos capturing nice moments make your event memorable.
    Please it is not a must. Just another suggestion
  3. You know your beloved’s cravings, wish-haves, turn-ons, etc. SURPRISE HIM/HER
  4. Be creative. Internet is there and you know yourselves. Your likes and dislikes. It shouldn’t cost you a thing or be expensive to add some glitter to the already awesome day.



  1. Family drama
  2. Food drama
  3. Leaving out a group you belong to from the photos
  4. Poor planning (have a plan B in case things doesn’t go as planned)
  5. Doing things yourself on your day. Plan so well that you have people doing what needs to be done as you concentrate to do your part –  “GETTING MARRIED”
  6. Embarrassing you spouse. Impromptu stuffs that your spouse isn’t ready for.
    e.g. Formation or free style dancing. But it wont be bad if you are performing while he/she watches.



I strongly recommend that you keep your event as God centered as possible.
He cannot be mocked.
You start with Him and then end with the devil? Naaa!! That is not not koraa.

Let everyone know, Parents, Friends, Colleagues and well wishers, know that you will not compromise on your standards and christian values.

Above all have fun in the Lord. It is your day after all.

You can still have a classic wedding that will not drain your savings and live you in debt. ☺Please these are not all, just some that came to me this morning as I helped my friend. Please don’t be restricted by these. It is just a checklist. Feel free to add and take out as it suites your needs. Be creative and make your event as memorable. It starts now. You see in your mind’s eye how your event will be.

I believe you will be on track if you follow this checklist.

Have a glorious Christ centered wedding ceremony, reception/cocktail, honey moon and marriage.

Don’t forget to appreciate your #TeamMRandMRSasomesi  they don’t need payment but a small get together in your home will not be bad koraa ✌🏿😋

Peace out✌🏿

Don’t forget to like, comment and tag a friend. You can also share this to any up and coming couple and also to some counselors who can share to those who come to them for marriage counselling.

Signed Sealed Delivered: #HolySpirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh


I own no copyrights to the pics in this write up.
All Pics are either from google images and from my bff’s wedding.


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The mere fact that we can’t see God doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist.
Your very existence is enough  proof that God exists and is alive


The first day I saw this image in the viber app, immediately I screen shot it.

It spoke to me directly. “Stay Connected”

John15:5-7 (KJV)
I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.
If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.
If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.

In order for us to stay on the right path, in order to hear from him daily, in order to grow healthy and bear fruits, we need to stay connected to our source. Our Source is God.

It is just sad that today many “humans” say there is no God. Eiiii!!

The Bible says in Psalm 14:1 (KJV) “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

This is what we see. The god of this world has blinded the eyes of their understanding. The have eyes yet do not see. Ears yet they do not hear. The signs are so glaring that there is a GOD. My GOD. The God who made Heaven and Earth and everything that dwells therein.
Read this story Below about twins in their mama’s belly.

Credits: Mrs Maame Gyasiwaa Agyenim-Boateng Boa-Antwi thanks for Sharing.

In a mother’s womb were two babies.
One asked the other: “Do you believe in life after delivery?”
The other replies, “why, of course. There has to be something after delivery. Maybe we are here to prepare ourselves for what we will be later.”
“Nonsense,” says the other.
“There is no life after delivery. What would that life be?”

Continue reading “STAY CONNECTED”

MY DRIVING FORCE by Clement Afreh

People have asked me, “Clement, How do you do what you do?” “Don’t you get tired?” “Do you rest at all?”

And my answer is that “I do it as unto Christ. Not for eye service or to please man. But rather I have a bigger personality I’m trying to please, God, my heavenly father”

And in return God has blessed me. Not with wealth but with grace and divine health to continue to do what I do. In a manner of speaking, I can equate Divine health to Great Wealth. 😊👌

Colossians 3:23 (KJV)
And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;

What ever you do, in God’s vineyard or in your secular job, do it as unto Christ, not unto men. Not for eye service or as men pleasers.

Irrespective of how you are treated, by whoever, or how difficult it may seem to do, doing it with the mind set that “I am doing this for God” will make all the difference in your effort and the out put or results that you get.

Philippians 2:13 (KJV)
For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

God is pleased with you.

The Joy that comes from doing anything as unto the Lord and not to men is refreshing. it may not be recognized, or rewarded, it may not be seen, or regarded. Yet the joy and the satisfaction in knowing that you did it for God is worth every effort.

God bless you.


Signed Sealed Delivered: The Holy Spirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh

Photo credit: AmHis Photography

© Clement Afreh 2017

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