1 of 12. You have got the resources you need so you think you are ok, so you walk away from the source.
Hmm This Generation

2 of 12. God answered your prayers and now you have “ba so”, and become prayerless.
You think you are ok now Abi?
Smh This Generation

3 of 12. Your “gettings” have got your full attention and time and you forget the Giver.
Na Wa o This Generation

4 of 12. You have a power gift and the strength of the youthful, so you ignore, go over, dishonor and disrespect the oil on your Father’s head.
Tsk tsk tsk This Generation

5 of 12. Now your excuse is your resource now being your reason for walking away, disconnecting yourself from the source.
Woooow This Generation

6 of 12. The resources may sustain you a while, but will surely get spent. And then what?
A life driven by resources has a short time to be relevant.
A life driven by the source is always replenished, and keeps making relevant impact.

7 of 12. You see someone else doing so great, it as though he is running in a self-propelled mode. But have no doubt about this, he always has a direct connection to his source. That is why he is prospering in what he does.

8 of 12. Who is your source?
Are you sure of the answer you just gave yourself?

9 of 12. Have you ever wondered why you keep running back to your source when the going gets tough and you have tried all other kinds of refueling options and it failed?

It is because, it is only your source, your origin, that knows you and has the exact blueprint of your makeup.

But all the while you were just jumping from one black market to the other. Trying wrong options that only destroy your engine.

Hmmmm This Generation!! what a SHAME!

10 of 12. Walking away from your source is tragic, in that though the resources may take you a while and a distance, it always backfires.

Shebi you thought you are self sufficient.
Now you are in a mess like the prodigal son.
You left cos you have it all and know it all.
Now you see your life?

11 of 12. Being without a source makes your vulnerable and puts a count down timer on your life and the ability to fulfill your source given purpose and destiny.
This Generation hmm please it’s time to wake up. WAKE UP!!!

12 of 12. Do you know your source? I mean THE SOURCE
Return to Him Right Now.
Don’t wait another minute longer.
And #StayConnected

And if you don’t know which source is the right one. Let me make a suggestion to you this morning.

👉 #TryJesus and you will not have any regrets. 😊
Have a good morning.

This Generation MUST TRY JESUS

Signed Sealed Delivered: Holy Spirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh