T E A C H • Y O U R • S O N

by Clement Afreh

Do you know that the kind of man your son will become when he is older, is a reflection of the kind of upbringing, training and teachings he receives in his formative age?

It may be through formal or informal education. He will learn by observation and from what perceives with all his senses, picking up traits, habits, character and virtues from what he is exposed to at home, at school, the society and the world he has access to via the internet and the media, thereby building fixed mindsets that will make up his unique way of life.

Without intentionally instilling good virtues in your son, he may grow up to become a monster you cannot recognize.

Today I am challenging you to start teaching your son to become the kind of man you wish for him to be.


  • Teach your son to serve God with all his heart, mind, soul and body. GOD FIRST
  • Teach him to heed to sound godly counsel and put into practice good principles of life.
  • Teach him to study to show himself approved.
  • Teach him that it is ok to learn a skill. Entrepreneurs rule the world.
  • Teach him that hard work pays.
  • Teach your son that it is more honorable to fail, than to cheat.

    Teach him how to treat his sister and every woman with respect.

    Teach him that he has no right to touch a woman without her consent.

    Teach him that only cowards hit their wives.



  • Teach him how to be a good husband and a father by being one or showing him one (Marry one – if you are a woman. You owe your son that much)
  • Teach him that doing chores at home is not a female’s job. He can also do the dishes and help out in the kitchen.
  • Teach him that he should love his wife the way Jesus loved the church.
  • Teach him to shun laziness and easy/fast and evil ways of gaining wealth and fame.
  • Teach him how to serve faithfully in humility, with honesty.
  • Teach him good morals and manners.
  • Teach him how to say sorry when wrong and how to say please when asking for favors.
  • Teach him how to talk, walk and how to be courteous. Greeting your elders with respect is a character that attracts favor and admiration.
  • Teach him how to eat with/like nobles, because he is destined to be great.



Teach your son not to use libido levels as a measure for being a man



Your son will be grateful to you all the days of his life and he will make you proud all the days of your life.


Photocredit: The Pursuit of Happyness (Movie) and PerfectPoint Gh
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