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By Clement Afreh

You musical presentation can be so enjoyable, but then again, it can also be so unbearable. There are many things that can cause this very big contrasts. Picking the “wrong key” is one very devastating one.

Today I want to share some tips on how to manage such situations and come out not being scarred for life.

Lets look at 6 invaluable saving tips.

  1. When the band gives you a key you said they should play for you, please try and sing it. Don’t go off and do your own thing. That is why it is important and profitable to do personal rehearsal to know your tessitura and what keys you can do any given song in, comfortably.
    If you were called to sing impromptu, then give the band your most comfortable key.
    But whenever it is possible, arrange with the pianist, if not the whole band, and agree and rehearse on keys and key changes, if any.
  2. If the singer sang a different key from what you played as intro, please calm down and look for the new key. If you have perfect pitch, praise God, just go to the key. If you don’t, please don’t play “sisisi, si nana ko” so loud on the keyboard. Turn it all the way down so only you can hear and when you get it, then you come up. Nothing embarrassing about that.
    But If you ky33, y3 b3 twa fasting ama wo hahaha😂

  3. If the band is trying to find your key, please don’t jump to new keys, be confident and sing what you were singing so they can find you. If you keep moving, you will cause a lot of damage.
    Band guys don’t like that. they will just choose their favorite key and stay there. 😕
    Also if you realize the struggle, just signal the band to break for 2 bars to get their composure and join the flow.

  4. If you are BVing for someone please don’t choose your own key when it is your time to sing.
    Do not sabotage the lead singer. Do your best and pick the key of the leader.
    If the band is trying to find the leader, BVs don’t jumping in to cause confusion, make sure you all have the same key and then you can plan and agree on when to jump in and how to jump in to save the day.

    These are the two ways to accomplish this;
    a. Jump in at the verse with all parts singing the main melody
    b. Jump in at the chorus in beautiful 3 part harmony.

  5.  Sometimes during a live recording, the band is in the original key but the leader went off in another key. BVs listen to the key the entire band is playing in. That is the key to do your backgrounds in. The leader will be able to join you in that key soon enough. But if you follow the leader, it means y’all setting up yourselves to redo everything at the studio. Overdubs b3 su.
  6. In the event when the leader goes off the pre-agreed key during a live presentation, please “be in the spirit” and maintain your composure. Don’t get angry or laugh out loud. It will show to the audience that something went wrong. Though 80% of the time they already know.
    Keep a warm smile or close your eyes lift up your right hand and just worship.
    After the event you can tease each other and laugh as a family. But on set, maintain your composure. Else it will cone in the video.

I hope these few tips help y’all in your presentations.

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Let’s not use the talents deposited in us for ministry as a means of luring people into immoral acts such us ILLICIT SEX….

Mr gospel musician, Mr Music Director, snr instrumentalist and brother vocal beast. God has called you into ministry to help populate His kingdom and not to depopulate it.

You keep asking those ladies to come for music lessons in your closet and you turn their bodies into guitar strings, drum pedals, piano keys, microphone and so on.


Do not plan to take romance or sex as payment for the lessons. You can relocate your music school to a more public place. If you can’t control your libido, hand her over to a professional teacher in a music school.

And you young lady!
You go to his house half-naked for music lessons. Is that your payment plan? What were you thinking? What was your plan? and what did you expect as the outcome? You can only see but not touch?

Very soon you will so start learning “Touch me with your hands, I don’t wanna go the same way I came”

The devil is so smart and will not let you get away with this that easily.

There are always regrets after you fall. It doesn’t matter


Let me sound this warning.

As ambassadors for Christ in this world, you are the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world. If you loose your taste and your light, what will happen to all those who looked to you.

If you fall, imagine the magnitude of the irreparable damage you would cause to the many young ones who looked up to and took you as their mentor.

Imagine the shame you will put your head pastor through, and all those who were proud of you and your service to the body of Christ.

Imagine the pain and grief your parents will nurture in their hearts. And they may be removed from leadership positions if they were in any (depending on what church and what is enshrined in their constitution)

You name and that of the church you attend will trend for the wrong reasons. And everyone who is part of that church will get some of the ridicule. All the choristers will be suspects and under immediate investigation and surveillance.

1 Corinthians 10:12 KJV
Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

The devil will always find ways to get you to mess up, so be smart and not “super man” or “wonder woman”. Use your common sense as well. Don’t put yourself in any tricky situation.

Learning music – singing, or playing an instrument- is such a beautiful thing, especially when you use what you learn to bless lives in church or at a gathering. Do not let it become one of the things you will list under your “list of life regrets” or “regrettable choices”.

There is a parable about the talents in the Bible.

One servant was given 5, the other 2 and the other 1 talent. Each according to their abilities. And when it was time to give account, each one got their due reward or recompense.

What are you doing with the talents and giftings God has given you? Don’t disappoint God o.

God bless you.

Signed Sealed and Delivered: #HolySpirit
Vessel: #ClementAfreh

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When a song being ministered is going wrong….

  1. Don’t let the audience know that the song is not going well.
    It shows when your facial expressions change.
    Also  shows when you start exchanging fishy looks at each other.
    It also shows when your smile disappears and your loud cheers “Yeeeeeeeaaahh” stop coming.
    It also shows when you don’t come in as a choir at the right time you are to come in.
  2. BVs come in at the right time with all your energy when you are supposed to.
    The audience wont realize the mistake and consider it our own style.
  3. Keep the smiles, or the “in the spirit” look throughout the ministration.
  4. Keep the encouraging “Yeaaaaaaaahsss” coming and keep cheering up the leader.
  5. Pray with the song leader to quickly recover.
  6. Band be spontaneous and cover up the spaces.
  7. Conductor be alert and quick to decide the next line of action and communicate to the entire team.
  8. If you realized you have forgotten your lines as a leader, Improvise and do it with confidence.

Charlie Hyiiiii with vim . Band and BVs cover up.

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